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downtime: August 13-20

We will have downtime sometime between August 13th and 20th, to re-cable the server. The exact date is not yet known. Downtime is expected to be approximately 6 hours.

mail problems -- poor reputation due to compromised user account

Today we have a poor IP address reputation because a bunch of spam was sent through employees.org via a compromised user account. The account password has been changed and the email queue cleared of the spam. However, it will be a little while before our email reputation improves. Until that happens, mail will be delayed (queued on employees.org) or possibly rejected (bounced to the sender).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE, 21-Feb 14:37. We now have a neutral senderbase reputation and are no longer listed on the bl.spamcop.net blacklist. The mail queue has mostly drained.

Twitter account for Employes.org status information

To augment http://status.employees.org we recently created the
twitter account @EmployeesORG to report system status. You can follow
@EmployeesORG on twitter or see posts at https://twitter.com/EmployeesORG.

Web mail now supported (Roundcube)

We support web access to email, via the link https://www.employees.org/roundcube. Use your normal employees.org username and password to login.

migration complete

DNS records have been updated, and Banjo is the new employees.org server.

If there are any problems, send email to admin@employees.org

New Spam Firewall Installed

The "IronPort":http://www.ironport.com anti-spam appliance has been installed in front of Employees.Org, and has been active for about a month.

It is configured to drop any incoming email that it determines is spam. If you would prefer, instead, that your spam be tagged, please send a request to "admin@employees.org":mailto:admin@employees.org.

If you have any questions about its operation, please also email "admin@employees.org":mailto:admin@employees.org.


During outages of employees.org, you can visit http://status.employees.org for status updates. status.employees.org is hosted on a different computer in a different datacenter.

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