Georgetown(Rock Creek) is located in the Georgetown Ranger District of the Eldorado National Forest. The area supports many types of riding from narrow trails to logging roads accessable to jeeps and even autos. Riders can be from beginners to seasoned riding veterans. The Mace Mill staging area is recommended for the more advanced rider because the access out may be a challenge for the beginner. 5 Corners Staging Area further to the SE is recommened for the first few rides if you are a beginner.

Vegitation in the area is predominately mixed pine forest with some areas of dense brush.
Rainfall varies between 50 and 60 inches per year with the wettest season occuring generally between October and April. It is not unusual to find closures of roads and trails during these wet periods.

Improper use of Off-Highway Vehicles damage resources on these public lands. Preserve your riding privilege. The OHV rider/driver must assume responcibility for proper vehicle use.
No sanitation facilities are available.

Detail map of area. (33k GIF)

 Riding conditions  Mountian logging roads, trails, and goat trails (narrow with long drop-off). Marked trails mostly, best moutian riding for OHV area for California.
 Altitude  2000ft to 4500ft.
 Riding Season  Open all year, will sometimes be closed due to wet conditions. (Optimal conditions: First fall rain until it gets dusty in the spring) NOTE: Seasonal Closures of some areas from November 1 through May1 (See detail map).
 Vehicles  Dirtbikes, ATV's (but some trails are narrow)

Private Land: The entire area is surrounded by private land. Private land owners have forbidden the use of their land by OHVs, please respect their wishes!! Not doing so could close or restrict the area.

CAUTION: The west end of the area (Trail 8-1) boarders a equine (horse) riding area and at times the riders use the OHV trails. If you encounter horses, do the following: Stop and turn your engine off, take off your helmet (horses may not recognize you as human with the helmet on), move off the trail and let the horses by. Not doing this could endanger the rider, the horse, and you by causing the horse to panic. Being conciderate to others will help dirtbikers keep a good name.

24 hour information number: XXX-XXX

General Rules and Safety Tips

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