My Cassocks

Percy's Cassock
Originally constructed as a Mandilion to be open on the sides and only a slit open on the front. Percy soon found it awkward to put on over his head, and it was modified to open down the front. It is made of wool and lined in linen with a pair of ties on each side and ties down the front for closure.
Kate's Cassock
This was my first coat and is based on the Lant Roll examples. It is made of wool with a linen lining. The sleeves ended up a little long, so I wear it with the cuffs rolled back. There is not much evidence for this being fashionable prior to 1600. The lining fabric is used to add decoration on the wings, on the pockets and as a stripe down the front and back of each sleeve. The pockets were modeled after the slits in the fonts of the cassocks worn by the musicians in the Lant Roll. It is not clear is these were actual pockets of just for keeping the fingers warm.