2001 Fall Tour

This years group ride included Eric Justason, Tom Henderson, Jon Felton, Tim Marsteiner and Dennis Briddell. We departed Thursday and rode to Stuart, VA. Friday's weather saw gradually increasing clouds and rain. At some points on the Blueridge Parkway we were actually driving through the clouds. Sunshine eventually came through by mid afternoon and we stayed in Monterey, VA. The next day brought perfect skies and crisp fall air. The Monterey area is beautiful and worth visiting. We rode 250 west to 28 north, then winding down south on 219 and 20 to the New River Gorge, with a stay in Summersville, WV. If I ever hear Lynyrd Skynard's Free Bird again, it will be too soon. At least the beer was cold. The Sunday was again picture perfect. Our route took us east on 39 to 150. 150 is a designated WV scenic byway and has stunning views. Eventually we ended up in Charlottesville, VA hoping the local Yamaha dealer could replace a bald tire on Jon's scoot. Bald meaning the belts were showing through. Yes, we eventualy found the tire in Waynesboro, and we enrolled Jon in MC maintenance reform school. The next day brought us back to Raleigh on route 6, with a stop for some monster double cheesburgers and milkshakes, then on to 15 south. 2002 plans in progress...stay tuned.

Friends (640x480, 286kb)Riders on the Storm (640x480, 419kb)let the sun shine (640x480, 409kb)saddle up! (640x480, 374kb)hillclimb anyone? (640x480, 316kb)Seneca Rocks, WV (640x480, 315kb)after a full day... (640x480, 374kb)just taking in the view... (640x480, 289kb)shazam (640x480, 331kb)fade to blue (640x480, 305kb)yep, it's a '36 (640x480, 327kb)road hardened (640x480, 275kb)hey, get offa there! (640x480, 341kb)vroom vroom (640x480, 310kb)a feasting black bear... (640x480, 271kb)a feasting black bear... (640x480, 271kb)