How to wire the Kenwood TH-F6A HT to an IRLP PC

My original message to the IRLP group on Yahoo Groups:

From: "donnlee" <donnlee@y...>
Date: Thu Mar 13, 2003 3:30 am
Subject: 1watt HT IRLP node, it ROCKS! QRP

Just wanted to share a recent exciting IRLP project: My HT as the
IRLP link radio set to 1W. After much effort, I found a repeater in
my area to adopt my IRLP node (goodbye simplex!), but this meant
having to use my HT temporarily because it is the only 440 radio I

I think this project is great for trialing IRLP and getting
something going quickly. My HT runs up to 5W, so at low power of 1
watt I think this could even be a PERMANENT setup -- QRP IRLP! This
assumes that the duty-cycle will be light. The audio/signal is
excellent, we are very pleased and the quality is pretty amazing
considering the node is 33 miles from the repeater and the antenna
is still indoors.

The radio is a Kenwood TH-F6A in 'TNC' mode. I built the IRLP cable
harness based on the schematic in the user manual:

This might be a path towards portable IRLP too. Maybe HT + laptop +
Starbucks wireless LAN, one day.

Donn W6FYI
node 3655
San Francisco Bay Area
thx to WB6MZS


Kenwood TH-F6A HT radio
'Low' power setting (1 watt)
1200bps 'TNC' mode
APO disabled
[BAL] Balance shifted to "A-band" (mutes B-band)
"CT" (CTCSS) mode for PL filtering
Comet SMA to SO-239 adapter cable
Arrow aluminum J-pole antenna (incredible value!)
Bunch of RatShack plugs and cables
The 2.5mm plug was a bit challenging to solder, get one that's wired.

I can probably scan my cable schematic for interested folks.

Cable Schematic (IRLP version 3 boards)


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