Last updated: Sept 2018.


Dipl.-Ing. Franjo Majstor, M.Sc.
CCIE #1507
CISSP #10997

Published Papers

  • End Node Security, whitepaper on infrastructure-end node solutions comparision with client as well as client-less soutions currently on the market.
  • SAN Security, whitepaper on security protocols in a SAN environment.
  • WLAN Security Update, whitepaper explaining on high level and comparing various EAP methods including PEAPv2 and EAP-FAST.

Published Books

Public Presentations & Interviews

  • Deploying Large Scale IPsec VPNs based on Dynamic Multipomt VPN technology. Presentation delivered on Networkers 2003 in Johannesburg, South Africa [Nov 2003].
  • Security: What's next? BoF session slideware from last Networkers 2003 delivered in Johannesburg, South Africa [Nov 2003].
  • Updated WLAN Security Solutions presentation delivered at the "Next Generation Internet" conference co-organized with TERENA in Zagreb, Croatia. [May 2003].
  • WLAN Security Solutions, session on 802.11 technology based WLAN security problems, solutions and standards. Delivered in Brussels to the ISSA Brussels European chapter as part of the security professional education activity. [March 2003].
  • "Quo Vadis Network Security" keynote speech about the strategy of infrastructure security, myths, failures and trends about the network security in a modern IP network. Delivered in Warsaw, Poland on Cisco Forum 2003  [Feb 2003].
  • IPsec & VPN whole day seminar I have given in Hyatt Regency hotel in Istanbul, Turkey about the IPsec techonlogy and its application in VPN designs. [Oct  2002].  [5.5M zipped pdf]
  • Presentation about Architectural Challenges of using VPN in WLAN Environment I did at WLAN Security 2002 conference in Paris, France [June 2002]  [2.5M ppt].
  • On Next Generation Internet Symposium in Berlin, Germany on March 26th 2002, I had a session on WLAN Security.
  • On  I-NetSec 2001 conference organized by  KUL, in Leuven Belgium on November  23rd 2001, I have presented a short presentation about Xauth and mode config extensions of IKE.
  • On Networkers 2001  in October 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark - I had twice breakout session 219 - Design Principles for Secure Networks.Together with my colleague, Michael Behringer  I have also delivered a whole day Advanced Network Security power session. 
  • On EXPO2001 conference in October 2001 in SunCity, South Africa - I have delivered session on Remote Access VPNs as well as Wireless Security session which was focusing on WEP security of wireless LANs.
  • In June 2001, I've had a session about Remote Access VPN's on NetSec 2001 conference in New Orleans, USA.


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