Inaugural Meeting of Product Security Teams

Meeting devoted to product security and related issues. To be held on 2005-Feb-09 in Renater's office at 151 Boulevard de l'Hopital, 75013 Paris, France. The meeting is collocated with FIRST Technical Colloquium (but it is not part of the FIRST TC) and the organizer graciously allowed us to use their room allocations. For the hotel info see this link.

Agenda and attendees

Time Activity
10:00 Welcome, Damir Rajnovic, Cisco Systems
10:15 Product security assessement methodologies/techniques, Matt More, Oracle
11:00 The impact of third-party software vulnerabilities in managing product security, Marc Verbruggen, Alcatel
12:15 Lunch on your own
13:00 Common Vulnerability Scoring System, Jim Duncan, Cisco Systems
13:45 Break
14:00 Working with third parties OpenSources projects, Vanhullebus Yvan, Netasq
14:45 Open discussion - Preannouncement of security vulnerabilites/advisories to customers/partners, Damir Rajnovic, Cisco Systems
15:30 Closing remarks - next meeting Damir Rajnovic, Cisco Systems

The following organizations have expressed their interest in attending:

Further information will be posted as they becomes available.

To express your interest in this event, and for all other information and comments, please write to Damir Rajnovic <>

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