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GigMatcher is a website designed by musicians, for musicians. Its purpose is to facilitate the process of organizing musical events, whether for small or large groups, whether for amateur enjoyment or professional engagement. It's a site for everyone who's looking to play music, and everyone who's looking to organize music. It's designed to save us all the headache of calling people, leaving messages, returning calls, changing plans -- all of which is very mechanical, and eminently well suited for a computer to do for us!

If you're organizing an event, GigMatcher helps you send out invitations, keep track of responses, and find common dates and times.

If you're looking to participate, GigMatcher helps you advertise yourself, your background, and your interest in playing.

We want to make this web site work for all of you. We want it to be the place you come when you're looking to play music, and the place you stay thoughout the life cycle of your event. If you have any questions, difficulties, ideas, wishes, please send us an email. We're all ears.

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