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Sun, 10 Jan 2010

[20100110] ITX-220 ZFS FreeNAS project

My existing home file server is now 10 years old. It has grown organically through the years. The original configuration used noisy SCSI drives with DAT tape backup. The household was happy when I retired my original SCSI drives -- they sounded like a jet airplane taking off. Today's configuration uses ATA/100 drives with rsync'ed backups to an external USB drive.

The usage cases have changed. Originally the server was expected to provide email services for the household. Later, I added support to netboot my vaxen. Now, the household wants file sharing, timemachine backups, samba shares. I was spending too much time trying to fix the old server. Time to start over again. I decided that using one server for all services might not be a good idea anymore. I am already using another box for the firewall -- time to continue this trend. The server becomes a collection of servers that I can individually change, instead of a one big monolithic server. I will start with a new box for serving files and for backups -- a NAS device.

I reviewed some of the NAS consumer devices that are available today. I decided to avoid them. My existing server lasted for so many years because I was able to make changes to the hardware and software. I was not convinced that a consumer device would be so flexible. So, I am going to make my own NAS -- what do I want it do?

What services would be required for the household?
  • daapd server support
  • timemachine backup server support
  • samba/NFS/AFP/tftp server support
  • backup files using ssh/rsync interface
What OS features are required?
  • software RAID support
  • fast snapshots
  • detect and recover from disk data corruptions
Hardware requirements?
  • SATA drives
  • intel x86 CPU
  • low power footprint
  • just needs to be fast enough to serve files
  • PCI slot
  • use existing parts, if possible

I discovered the Asus ITX-220 motherboard while searching an online catalog. I will purchase it with 2G of RAM. I can use an existing ATX case. The motherboard only supports 2 SATA drives -- I already have a SATA PCI card with two more SATA ports. I figure that 4 SATA drives should be enough for now -- 3 for the RAID and 1 for a rsync'ed backup.

ZFS would be a match for my requirements, but this will limit my OS choices. This was a worry, until I heard about the FreeNAS project. Using FreeNAS with ZFS is a perfect match. I should be able to boot the new box off an old USB key.

At first, I considered my ITX-220 ZFS FreeNAS project to have a low chance of success. I would divide the project into a number of milestones and evaluate the project when one of the milestones failed:

hardware install
I put the new motherboard, in the old case. I needed a new cable to allow my new motherboard to work with the my older ATX power supply. It booted without problems.
software install
I put the lastest FreeNAS image on an old USB key. It took a couple of attempts to get FreeNAS to boot of the USB key. During last attempt, I copied the raw image to the beginning of the key and ignored the parition table.
I put in two SATA drives. I have never used ZFS before. I read an online example and configure the two drives into a big raidz pool. This step took the longest amount of time. I tried using "compression=gzip" and the box started to run too slow -- the "lzjb" compression scheme seems to work better.
I copied files to the NAS. Just in time -- I saw this error on my existing older server:

    wd1a: error reading fsbn 236276797 of 236276768-236276799 (wd1 bn 236276860; cn 234401 tn 10 sn 22)wd1: (uncorrectable data error)
I used the FreeNAS GUI to enable AFP. I followed the steps on a blog to setup time-machine backups. I setup daapd and samba shares. The tricky part was testing that the new server works, as expected, with the existing clients. The speed of the NAS appears to be fast enough for the existing clients.
increase size of raidz pool
Not supported by ZFS. In the future, I will make a backup and re-create the raidz pool with three drives.

In summary, it all just works. In about 9+ hours, I had a working NAS.


Wed, 24 Jun 2009

[20090624] fuzzed ELF -- debugging the NetBSD kernel

I discovered that using mangle.c to corrupt an ELF executable can crash the NetBSD 5.0 kernel. I recompiled a kernel with full debug and tried to debug the crashdump. Gdb was unable to get a backtrace of the corrupted ELF process -- I got a bad address error instead.

Next, I tried to debug the kernel using GDB over a serial port. Setting this up look longer than I had originally planned:

  • Read the HOWTO.
  • Run pkg_add gdb to get gdb6 on my remote system.
  • Review the Debugging Kernel Problems paper. I actually took this tutorial.
  • Step through the exec() code while having gdb lose its connection.

This bug appears to be already fixed in kern/subr_kobj.c. I think that bug would have taken me a long time to solve.

Here is the script I used to fuzz the ELF executable:

# Create a small ELF executable as a base.
rm -f true.c a.out
printf "int main() { return 0; }\n" > true.c
cc -o a.out true.c

# Loop forever.
# Create a corrupted ELF exeutable.
# Run this executable.
typeset -i acount
let acount=0
while true
	# setup working directory
	let acount=acount+1
	DIRNAME=f${acount}s"$(date +'%s')"
	echo $DIRNAME
	mkdir $DIRNAME

	# setup this ELF image
	cp -f ../a.out ./curr.img 
	mangle curr.img "$( wc -c < ./curr.img)"
	md5 curr.img > curr.img.md5
	sync ; sync ; sync

	# Run corrupted executable in a sub-shell.
	# Prevent the generation of core files.
	# Limit run time, in case executable has endless loop.
		ulimit -c 0
		ulimit -t 1
		exec ./curr.img
	) > /dev/null 2> /dev/null < /dev/null
	cd ..

	# kernel did not crash, try again
	rm -rf $DIRNAME

Sat, 17 Nov 2007

[20071117] update -- free gear available in Ottawa

Still available:

  • AlphaServer 2100
  • SPARCstation IPC

A DEC hobbyist drove by and took a van full. That is about 90% of my gear. Excellent!

Mon, 12 Nov 2007

[20071112] free gear available in Ottawa
I need to clean out my basement. Free to a good home.

Available for pick-up in Ottawa. Will consider shipping if you are willing to pay packaging and shipping costs.

  • Sun 3/50 and Sun 3/160
  • MicroVAX-II in a BA123 enclosure
  • DEC RL02 drives
  • AlphaServer 2100
  • DECstation 3100
  • SPARCstation IPC
  • VT100 Tempest

There will be more gear available. I will update this webpage as I sort out the gear --

Sun, 10 Jun 2007

[20070610] DEC pdp8/a roadtrip
Went on a road trip to view a pdp8/a. This one was in a heavy desk. The 8 was in great shape -- it looked brand new. I would assume that one would have used a VT52 as a console.

I wrote a new tcl/expect script to help boot the pdp11 .

Sun, 20 May 2007

[20070520] TU56 DECtape Drive
I made a video of rk restoring his TU56 DECtape drive.

Mon, 09 Oct 2006

[20061009] Automated installation of 4.3BSD Reno on simh VAX-11/780 emulator
Now that the simh emulator supports the VAX-11/780, I wrote some scripts to automate the installation of 4.3BSD.


Mon, 18 Sep 2006

[20060918] DEC pdp8/e moving day
We rented a truck and moved the pdp8/e to its new home. The H960 style cabinets were too tall to wheel under the truck's door, so we had carry the cabinets, into the truck, on their side. Because of the 8's location, in the house, we had to remove all the equipment from the cabinet. This fellow had a wonderful collection of 8s, spare parts, paper tapes and documentation.

I got a VT100 terminal with the Tempest option -- the terminal and keyboard were heavy. And a PDP11 programming card -- I want to finish with my 4.3BSD SIMH project so I can start a PDP11 project.

Thu, 07 Sep 2006

[20060907] DEC pdp8/e roadtrip
Went on a road trip to view a pdp8/e. This one was in an H960 style cabinet. We should be moving this 8 to its new home next week. Because of the 8's location, we might have to remove all the equipment, from the cabinet, before moving it to the truck.

Mon, 04 Sep 2006

[20060904] 4.3BSD Reno on simh VAX-11/780 emulator
Now that the simh emulator supports the VAX-11/780, I decided to attempt to install and run 4.3BSD Reno.

I have written some expect scripts to automate the installation -- will create an archive and a webpage when I get the time.


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