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Micro VAX

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    ka640 image

    I purchased a KA640 CPU and two MS650 RAM boards off ebay to run in a spare BA23 enclosure . I do not have the correct BA23 console kit for the KA640, so some of the console parts hang out the back of the enclosure. I netboot NetBSD off the builtin ethernet port. I can use these cards, as spare parts for the MicroVAX 3400.

    slot one KA640-AA
    slot two 32MB clearpoint RAM
    slot three MS650-AA
    slot four M9047DZQ11-M
    slot five RLV12
    slot six RQDX1
    slot seven empty
    slot eight empty

    Micro VAX 3400

    I purchased this vax during the winter of 2004. The 3400 spend the last couple of years in a firewood shed. I got the TOY battery rebuilt, by a local dealer , because it leaked inside the enclosure. I stripped the BA213 enclosure to remove a collection of maple tree seeds and clean up the battery leak.

    bare ba213

    After I reassembled the BA213 enclosure, I tried a test boot with the KA640 module. Nothing happened, except the F code in the status LED. I quickly learned the power supply requires a minimum load . After installing a M9060 board, in the last slot, the KA640 booted okay.

    The left H7868-A power supply is not operational. It appears to work, with the minimum load -- 5/12V. But when you try to power a hard disk drive, the voltage drops to zero. It also appears that the word "Bad" is scratched in the side of the H7868-A -- another good hint. I tried a spare H7868-A and it appears to work okay.

    card cagemodule
    slot one KA640-AA
    slot two MS650-BA
    slot three MS650-BA
    slot four MS650-BA clone
    slot five DESQA-SA
    slot six CXY08
    slot seven CMD CQD 223TM
    slot eight TQK70
    slot nine empty
    slot ten empty
    slot eleven empty
    slot twelve M9060

    VAX 4000 Model 700A

    vax4000 image

    I won this VAX at a local auction, during the summer of 2004. The BA411 enclosure is mounted inside a H9602-MK cabinet.

    card cagemodule
    slot one MS690-D
    slot two MS690-D clone
    slot three MS690-D clone
    slot four MS690-D
    slot five KA692
    slot six DESQA-SA
    slot seven DHV11-A
    slot eight CMD CQD 223M
    slot nine TQK50-AA
    slot ten empty
    slot eleven empty
    slot twelve empty

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