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Micro PDP-11 53

The main goal has been to get BSD2.11 running a Micro PDP-11/53 Plus.

KDJ11-SC image

KDJ11-SC in a BA411 enclosure

I purchased this spare 11/53 off ebay -- it even arrived with a DEC cardboard box. This is exactly the PDP-11 I have looking for:
  • has s-box handles -- to be used with my spare BA411 enclosure
  • has 1536-Kbyte of RAM -- should have enough RAM to run TCPIP networking with out using extra memory boards
  • has the PDP-11/53 boot ROMs -- not the DECserver ROMs
  • has separate I/D space -- can run BSD2.11
  • has a KA in the serial number -- it was manufactured in Kanata , only 6kms down the road

Here is the boot ROM output:

		9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 

		Commands are Help, Boot, List, Map, Test and Wrap.
		Type a command then press the RETURN key: MAP

		KDJ11-D/S   ROM V2.0

		1536 K Bytes

		00000000 - 05777776     1536 KB    CSR = 17772100

I have a spare BA411. Would a 11/53 would work in a BA411? I left the first five non-QBUS slots empty and put the 11/53 board in the sixth slot. The 11/53 booted without any issues -- it appears to work fine:

card cagemodule
slot one to five empty non-qbus
slot six KDJ11-SC
slot seven DESQA-SA
slot eight CMD CQD 223M
slot nine TQK50-AA
slot ten empty
slot eleven empty
slot twelve empty

BA411 image another BA411 image

Installing BSD2.11

I used maketape.c on the DECstation , running Ultrix, to create the TK50 boot tape.

I installed BSD2.11 with no problems:

  • installed patch level 431
  • required patch level 432 to boot of my MSCP hard disk
  • used date 0505121114 to set the date to 2005
  • read Steven Schultz kernel overlay emails before trying to link the kernel
  • installed the remaining patches
  • configured networking:
    		# uname -a
    		BSD 2.11 2.11 BSD UNIX #3: Thu Jun 16 22:55:56 EDT 2005  pdp11
    		# ifconfig qe0
    		qe0: flags=63
    				inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
    		# ping -c 1
    		PING ( 56 data bytes
    		64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=253 time=33.334 ms

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