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Informer Terminal

informer image informer image informer image

A portable terminal I use as a console. I always use the ANSI mode -- it appears to work okay with QNX4 and NetBSD.

Apple ][e

apple2 image

I now run most of my apple2 software in an emulator. I loaned the computer to a local collection .

I used ADT to transfer files from the apple2. But first you have to get ADT to the apple2 -- here is the procedure from the readme:

			To install ADT on the Apple II: Boot a DOS 3.3 disk with some free
			space, and from BASIC type IN#x, where x is the slot your serial card
			is in (typically, x=2). Set the speed to 300 baud by typing the
			three characters "6B".

			Then, on the PC, start a comm program, set it for 300 baud N81, and
			ASCII-upload (not Xmodem or any other protocol but a straight text
			upload) the file "adt.dmp" to the Apple.

For the "comm program", I used dt :

  • use stty to setup the serial port, as required
  • translate the line feeds
    tr '\012' '\015' < adt.dmp > adtcr.dmp
  • then transmit the file one byte per second:
    dt pf=adtcr.dmp of=- bs=1 wdelay=1 limit=8122 > /dev/serialport

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