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VAX patches

vax book image

I usually run NetBSD 1.6.1 on my VAXen. I have collected a number of patches, to the 1.6.1 source . The patches will be available on , in case you can find a use for them.

The major features of this patched release are:

  • boot and install the OS from the ISO CDROM image
  • netboot your VAX
  • compile the sources natively on your VAX
  • boot from MSCP disk
  • load and run dynamically linked VAX ELF programs

patches 0001 to 0008

The bootable ISO image includes these seven fixes:
  • 0001 MSCP bad block fix
  • 0002 MSCP floppy diskette driver panic
  • 0003 kernel identifies a KA692 CPU as a KA694
  • 0004 uninitialized variables in fill_eproc()
  • 0005 optimize sched_sync() sync thread
  • 0006 n/a -- just a place holder
  • 0007 prevent panic: uvm_unmap_remove: has mapping
  • 0008 cannot netboot after a.out to ELF conversion

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