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SIMH Scripts

Automated installation of 4.3BSD on SIMH VAX 11/780

source code
All the scripts to automate the installation of 4.3BSD to SIMH VAX 11/780.

FreeBSD Ports port
This is not a precompiled package. This is the Makefile for /usr/ports that will run the scripts from getbsd43-0003.tar.gz and then install the ra81 disk images on your host.

These are the commands I ran:

	# cd /tmp
	# wget -q
	# cd /usr
	# tar xozf /tmp/ports-bstg-getbsd43-3.tar.gz
	# cd ports/emulators/bstg-getbsd43/
	# make install
After installation, execute the bstg-run43bsd script to boot of the correct disk image. You need to be a member of the games group to write to the disk images. The OS will boot into single user mode -- exit the shell to continue.
to run 4.3BSD
bstg-run43bsd 0
to run 4.3BSD-Reno
bstg-run43bsd 1
to run 4.3BSD-Quasijarus
bstg-run43bsd 2

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