Mehmet A. Begen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Management Science (Ivey)
Statistical and Actuarial Sciences (Science)
Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Schulich)

Certified Analytics Professional

Ivey Business School
Western University
1255 Western Road,
London, ON N6G 0N1 CANADA (map)

Email. mbegen [at] ivey [dot] uwo [dot] ca
Phone. +1 (519) 661-4146
Ivey 3340

Mehmet A. Begen is an assistant professor of management science in the Ivey Business School at the Western University. Besides Ivey, he is cross-appointed at the departments of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences and Epidemiology & Biostatistics at the Western. Mehmet's research interests are management science/analytics applications, data-driven approaches and in particular scheduling and operations management in healthcare. He is currently serving as the Education Chair at the Canadian Operations Research Society (CORS) and served on organizing committees of two past INFORMS Healthcare conferences. Mehmet has PhD and MS degrees in management science from Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, and a BS degree in industrial engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. He is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), worked in management consulting before his PhD studies and is a recipient of CORS Practice Prize.

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PhD in Management Science at Ivey, Patient Scheduling, INFORMS Healthcare Conference.

Publications (* indicates my students or postdoctoral fellows)

Journal Articles

  • Vusal Babashov,* Mehmet A. Begen, Joy Mangel, Gregory S. Zaric, “Economic evaluation of brentuximab vedotin for persistent Hodgkin lymphoma” to appear in Current Oncology 2016.
  • Mehmet A. Begen, Hubert Pun, Xinghao Yan, “Supply and Demand Uncertainty Comparison and Reduction” to appear in International Journal of Production Economics, 2016. [pdf] [link]
  • Burcu Caglar Gencosman,* Mehmet A. Begen, H. Cenk Ozmutlu, Imren O. Yilmaz, “Scheduling Methods for Efficient Stamping Operations at an Automotive Company” to appear in Production and Operations Management, 2016 (winner of FICO’s “Optimize the Real World” contest, 2014). [pdf] [link]
  • Onur Ozturk,* Mehmet A. Begen, Gregory S. Zaric, “A Branch and Bound Based Heuristic for Makespan Minimization of Washing Operations in Hospital Sterilization Services,” European Journal of Operational Research, 239(1): 214–226, May 24, 2014. [link][pdf]
  • Mehmet A. Begen, Retsef Levi, Maurice Queyranne, “A Sampling-Based Approach to Appointment Scheduling,” Operations Research, 60(3): 675–681, June 1, 2012. [pdf] [link]
  • Mehmet A. Begen and Maurice Queyranne, “Appointment Scheduling with Discrete Random Durations,” Mathematics of Operations Research, 36(2): 240–257, April 15, 2011.[pdf] [link]
  • Pablo Santibáñez,* Mehmet A. Begen, Derek Atkins, “Surgical Block Scheduling in a System of Hospitals: An Application to Resource and Wait List Management in a BC Health Authority,” Health Care Management Science, 10: 269–282, Sep 2007. [link]
  • Mehmet A. Begen and Marty L. Puterman, “Production Planning in JS McMillan: Catch Allocation Tool Design,” Information Systems and Operations Research, 41(3): 235–244, 2003. [link]

Conference Articles

  • Mehmet A. Begen and Maurice Queyranne, “Appointment Scheduling with Discrete Random Durations,” in Proc. Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA), New York NY, 2009. [pdf]
  • Ali C. Begen, Mehmet A. Begen and Yucel Altunbasak, “Predictive Modeling of Video Packet Delay in IP Networks,” in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Atlanta GA, Oct 2006. [link]
  • Ali C. Begen, Mehmet A. Begen, Yucel Altunbasak and M. Reha Civanlar, “Proxy Selection for Interactive Video,” in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Istanbul, Turkey, June 2006. [link]
  • Mehmet A. Begen, Martin L. Puterman and Ernest Wu, "Operational and Tactical Planning in the Beverage Industry," in Proc. 39th Canadian Transportation Research Forum (CTRF) Conference Transportation Revolutions, 436–445, Calgary AB, Canada, 2004.[link]
  • Derek Atkins, Mehmet A. Begen, Bailey Kluczny, Anita Parkinson and Martin L. Puterman, "PreBoard Screening Analysis at Vancouver International Airport," in Proc. 39th CTRF Conference Transportation Revolutions, 530–539, Calgary AB, Canada, 2004. [link]
  • Mehmet A. Begen, Ali C. Begen and Yucel Altunbasak, "Packet Scheduling for Real-Time Video Streaming with Mathematical Programming," in INFORMS Telecommunications Conference, Boca Raton, FL, March 2004 (abstract only)
  • Ali C. Begen, Yucel Altunbasak and Mehmet A. Begen, “Rate-Distortion Optimized On-Demand Media Streaming with Server Diversity,” in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Barcelona, Spain, Sep 2003 (Best Student-paper Award).[link]
  • Ali C. Begen, Yucel Altunbasak, Ozlem Ergun and Mehmet A. Begen, “Real-Time Multiple Description and Layered Encoded Video Streaming with Optimal Diverse Routing,” in Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications, Antalya, Turkey, June 2003. [link]

Practitioner Articles

  • Derek Atkins, Mehmet A. Begen, Bailey Kluczny, Anita Parkinson and Martin L. Puterman, “The 90-10 Rule; OR Models Help Improve Passenger Flows and Customer Service at Vancouver International Airport,” ORMS Today, 30(2): 26–29, 2003,(Canadian Operations Research Society (CORS) Practice Prize). [link]

Book Chapters

  • Burcu Caglar Gencosman,* H. Cenk Ozmutlu, Huseyin Ozkan and Mehmet A. Begen, “Automotive Stamping Operations Scheduling Using Mathematical Programming and Constraint Programming,” in Bopaya Bidanda, Ihsan Sabuncuoglu and Bahar Y. Kara (Eds.), Industrial Engineering Non-Traditional Applications in International Settings. CRC Press, Nov 2014, 37–68. [link]
  • Sakine Batun* and Mehmet A. Begen, "Optimization in Healthcare Delivery Modeling: Methods and Applications," in B. Denton (Ed.), Healthcare Operations Management: A Handbook of Methods and Applications, Springer, Jan 10, 2013, 75–119.[link] [pdf]
  • Mehmet A. Begen, Srinivas Krishnamoorthy, and John Wilson, "Writing ORMS/Analytics Cases," in J.J. Cochran (Ed.), Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Wiley, Oct 15, 2013, 1–10.[link]
  • Mehmet A. Begen, Srinivas Krishnamoorthy, and John Wilson, "Teaching ORMS/Analytics with Cases," in J.J. Cochran (Ed.), Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Wiley, Dec 2012, 1–13. [link]
  • Mehmet A. Begen, “Stochastic Dynamic Programming Models and Applications” in J.J. Cochran (Ed.), Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Wiley, Feb 15, 2011. [link]
  • Jonathan Patrick and Mehmet A. Begen, "Markov Decision Processes and Its Applications in Healthcare" in Yuehwern Yih (Ed.), Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems, CRC Press, Dec 13, 2010, 17–1/18–11. [link]

Papers Under Review

  • A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Scheduling Unit Size Jobs on Parallel Batching Machines to Minimize Makespan (O. Ozturk,* M.A. Begen, G. Zaric). International Journal of Production Research (3rd round)
  • Reducing Patient Wait Times for Radiation Therapy and Improving Treatment Planning Efficiency: A Discrete-Event Simulation Model. (V. Babashov*, I. Aivas, M.A. Begen, J.Q. Cao, G. Rodrigues, D. D’Souza, M. Lock, G.S. Zaric) (2nd round)
  • Optimal Co-Development Contracts for Companion Diagnostics (S. Batun*, M.A. Begen, G. Zaric)
  • Development and Application of an LP Based Operational and Tactical Planning Tool in the Beverage Industry (M.A. Begen, M. Puterman, E. Wu)
  • Evaluation of a Centralized Transportation Assistance System for Passengers with Special Needs at a Canadian Airport (M.A. Begen, R. Fung, D. Granot, F. Granot, C. Hall, B. Kluczny)

Working Papers

  • Home Care Services: Analysis of the Districting Problem (O. Ozturk*, M.A. Begen, G. Zaric)
  • The Impact of Unethical Behavior on Strategic Firms’ Outcomes: An Illustration from Sports Data (M.A. Begen, H. Pun and D. Cai)
  • Co­development of New Drugs’ Tests with Risk Averse/Seeking Agents (J. Qian*, M.A. Begen, G. Zaric)
  • Dynamic Multi-Priority Multi-Class Patient Scheduling with Stochastic Service Times (A. Saure*, M.A. Begen, J. Patrick)
  • Appointment Scheduling Optimization with a Quantile Function Objective (P. Sang*, M.A. Begen, Jiguo Cao)
  • Co-development with Patent Expiry and Effort on Quality (S. Nemati*, M.A. Begen, G. Zaric)
  • Minimizing a Discrete-Convex Function for Appointment Scheduling (M.A. Begen, M. Queyranne).
  • Advance Multi-Period Quantity Commitment and Appointment Scheduling (M.A. Begen, M. Queyranne).
  • Incentive-Based Surgery Scheduling: Determining Optimal number of surgeries (M.A. Begen, M. Queyranne)
  • A Moderated-Mediation Model of the Effect of Variation in Efficacy Beliefs on Team Performance (K. Goh, A. Peng, M.A. Begen) (accepted to the conference of the International Association for Conflict Management 2016)

Non-Refereed Articles

  • Alan J. King, Mehmet A. Begen, Monica Cojocaru, Ellen Fowler, Yashar Ganjali, Judy Lai, Taijin Lee, Carmeliza Navasca and Daniel Ryan, “Web Hosting Service Level Agreements,” Proc. Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences Industrial Problem Solving Workshop, 2001. [link] [link]
  • John Chadam, Mehmet A. Begen, Ali Ghodsi Boushehri, Yuriy Kazmerchuk, Selly Kane, Viktoria Krupp, Eric Machorro, Eva-Marie Nosal and Limei Sun, "Problems in Portfolio Analysis," Proc. Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences Graduate Industrial Math Modelling Camp, 2001 [link]
  • MSOM Society Student Paper Competition: Abstracts of 2009 Winners, MSOM, 12:1: 184–187, 2010 [pdf]


  • Ph.D. Thesis. Appointment Scheduling with Discrete Random Durations and Applications. UBC. 2010 [Ph.D. Thesis. Appointment Scheduling with Discrete Random Durations and Applications. UBC. 2010 [pdf]
  • M.Sc. Thesis. Production Planning in JSM Fisheries Ltd: Catch Allocation Decision Tool Support Design. UBC. 2001 [pdf]

Selected Awards and Grants

  • NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Discovery Grant
  • Co-PI, UWO/Ministry of Research and Innovation Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • Second prize for the Informs MSOM Student Paper Competition 
  • Runner-up for the Informs Computing Student Paper Competition
  • Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) Practice Prize
  • Honourable mention for Informs Bonder Scholarship in Health Services
  • Honourable mention for CORS Student Paper Competition
  • PGSD3 NSERC Scholarship
  • UBC Lusztig Fellowship and COE Scholarship
  • Informs 2002 Case Competition Finalist [link]

Sample Projects

  • Improving Patient Throughput at the BC Children's Hospital [link]
  • Managing Surgical Waitlists for the Fraser Health Authority [link]
  • Equipment Lifecycle Strategy Analysis for an International Shipping Corporation [link]
  • Improving Efficiency of the Passenger Transportation System at the Vancouver Airport [link]
  • Quantifying, Benchmarking and Predicting Risk for an International Shipping Company [link]
  • Pre-Board Screening Analysis at a Canadian International Airport [link]
  • CT Scanner Waiting Time Reduction Study for a Healthcare Organization [link]
  • Security Queuing Analysis and Staff Scheduling for a Canadian International Airport [link]
  • Planning and Optimization for a Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution Company [link]
  • Business Dockside Crane Efficiency for a Marine Terminal Services Company [link]
  • Optimal Catch Allocation for a Commercial Fishing Company [link]

News and Media

  • Mehmet Begen harnesses the power of analytics to solve manufacturer’s scheduling problem [link]
  • FICO "Optimize Real World" Contest [link]
  • Operation wait times, Globe and Mail [link]
  • ICHIL July 2010 Newsletter [link]
  • Something for the weekend [pdf] [link]
  • Right on schedule [link]
  • UBC 2002 Annual Report [link]
  • Western News [link]
  • Sauder News [link]

Selected Service

  • Editorial Work
    • Ad-hoc reviewer for Operations Research, Management Science, Production and Operations Management (POM), Mathematics of Operations Reseasrch, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Computers and Operations Research, International Journal of Production Research, European Journal of Operational Research, IIE, Journal of Medical Systems, Medical Decision Making, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Health Care Management Science, Decision Sciences, Journal of the Operational Research Society, International Transactions in Operational Research, CORS Student Paper Competition.
  • External
    • CORS (Canadian Operational Research Society) Education Chair (since May 2013)
    • Judge for INFORMS Pierskalla paper competition, 2012
    • Sponsored Sessions Chair for INFORMS Healthcare Conference 2015
    • Cluster Chair (Healthcare OM), INFORMS Healthcare Conference (2013; organized over 10 sessions)
    • Program committee member for the Global Conference on Healthcare Systems Engineering (2014)
    • Judge for INFORMS Healthcare Applications Society Student Paper Competition (2013)
    • CORS graduate student paper competition chair for (2012-2013)
    • Judge for POM Healthcare Paper Competition (2016)
  • Internal
    • Faculty member for the team preparing pre-PKP online program (2015-2016)
    • Search committee member for management science (MS) (2011-2015)
    • Ivey research seminar series coordinator for IS, OPS and MS (2010-2012)
    • Research seminar series coordinator for MS (2010–2016)
    • Faculty lead for Industry Problem Solving Workshop at Western (2014)
    • Faculty advisor to Ivey HBA team, case competition, Spain (2014)
    • Faculty advisor to Ivey HBA team, case competition, New Zealand (2011)
    • Judge in Ivey high school case competition (2011)


  • Ph.D. Thesis Defense Programme [pdf]
  • A Latex template of UBC manuscript-based thesis  [zip file]

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