Links in Space

If you're fortunate enough to be back on Earth and have some time at your leisure I recommend making the following bit settings on your minicomputer. 

The DARPANET is full of wonderful information on the ninny. 

Just sit back at your tty and enjoy...

Jupiter II Data Sites
 Jupiter II Schematics LISA
Lost in Space Australia Technical Drawings
 Modelling Lost in Space Cultman's page
 Jupiter II Technical site Fan made detailed blueprints of the Jupiter II
 Lost in Space Technology 3D Virtual tour of Jupiter II and Gemini 12

Environmental Control Robot Builders and Links
 Michael Joyce Michael Joyce's Home Page 
 Building the Lost in Space Robot Daniel Livingson's site. Lots of scratch built parts (styrene brain)
  The Magnetic Lock Dan Monroe's site updated with drawings!!
 Mike Loewen's B9 Project Mike Loewen, scratch built aluminum brain and acrylic  radar section.
 The Jeffbot Jeff's B9 is the reason I decided to build my own.
 Brad Edmunds Another cool scratch builder from the B9 builder's club
 Michael Davis' Robot Information site Michael Davis IS the leading authority on the Robinson robot
 Dave Painter dave AT astromech DOT net The man who drafted the unofficial blueprints. They're indispensible!
 Tracy John's B9 Another scratch built torso builder!
 Mark Schwandt The virtual B9 directory a 3D adventure.
 The John Rigg Project Book John Rigg built the B9 used in Flynt Mitchell's book.
 Nick Mulpagano Elvis and the B9, together? Excellent scratch building.
 Bill Kendzeirski Bill's site and photos of his B9
 Mark Thompson The man who drafted the blueprints for the pipe insulation legs.
 Flint Mitchell Author of How to Build Your Own LIS Robot and master party animal!
 Jim Cruff Another Bay Area B9 builder.
 Bob May Web site of the original actor inside the series robot costume.
 Brian Wallace Lots of notes on building the Bubble Headed Booby.
 Tim Wisnion Excellent electronics scratch building. Scratch built cam.
 Brian Mix Nice site with B9 building pictures.
 Bob Aucutt's B9 Motorizing the tread section
Bob Greiner's B9 Project Great resource for building the B9
Norm Sockwell's site Machined custom parts