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NAR# 68903, Level 1

TRA# 6523

Welcome to my site.

Updated resume as I am back on the job market again
The local group I launch with is the Austin Area Rocket Group (AARG)

I will add new pictures and videos form the launches as I can.

What's New

What is new for my pages.

The Grand Kid

My Grandchildren

Launch Photos and Videos

Pictures and videos from launches.

The REC Rocket Fleet

My rockets and information on them.

Our House

Pictures of our house in Thorndale, Tx.

Old Pictures and Videos

This includes pictures and videos from California and others.

My Resume

My current resume is avaiable in HTML, as a Word Document or PDF.

My Other activities

Other things I do for fun and work.



Please email me at rec2rock_at_employees_dot_org with any comments or questions.

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