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Official Puzzles

  • Hidden Contest, by Kryptogram

    This was the “Privacy” doorhanger in the hospitality suite. Clicking on the images will bring up a larger image that is easier to read; there is writing in the bottom-most line of chevrons that reads “Talk like a pirate to Kryptogram.” The contest was first solved by Eedoc.

  • Blankety Blanks, by Murdoch
  • Cryptic Mad Libs, by Ucaoimhu and $8.90
    • Phases 1 and 2 (note: the original version is as presented at Con, designed for four teams (of two); Uc and $8.90 have also provided a solo version of those phases for home solving)
    • Phase 3
  • Pair-Solving Cryptics
  • Salt Lake City Buzz [the Extravaganza], by Colossus, Jason Juang, Kevin Der, and Quinn Mahoney
    Runner teams were given the Where did the bees go?! packet at the start, and the Final Meta when they had correctly answered the question (page 1 of the packet). Stroller teams were given both packets at the start of the hunt.

Unofficial Puzzles


Cryptics (and Cryptic-ish) Puzzles

Other Puzzles

After Hours

These are not puzzles, but photos of memorable events at the Con

  • Code Names: successful 6 clue by Xemu. “Musical 6” was called on the first turn, and this is the result. (Click image for higher-resolution version that is actually readable).
    Code Names image