I often look at new IT companies who have a complicated idea to address a simple and necessary need.

Their challenge often, when marketing their product, is being able to effectively communicate  information that is highly technical to an audience whose only concern is if the bottom line ($$$) is addressed and their problem(s) solved.

There are a few common characteristics of all highly technical information:

1. Its highly comprehensive, and hence the quantity is large.

2. It has data that does not make the best “slides”, but better in a white board presentation.

3. Its is new and conceptual that would take a highly technical audience to completely understand.

Coming up with presentation material from any information with all those characteristics is a challenge that IT startups might be better off avoiding.

The solution is to take a page out of some other masters of presentation. Put a short four minute video on your website that combines a white board presentation with actual slides of technical data. It gets the overview of the idea across, grabs the audience who now armed with the conceptual idea would be in a better state to understand a fact sheet or a white paper.

This is a damn good example…