I just recently got back from a vacation. It was not as much a vacation, as it was a short trip to visit family.

It was a trip that I had not taken in a long time, I had avoided because I was busy fighting my battles, on my own, alone. And even with their best intentions, nobody else could help with. The thing is, I strongly believe that every one of us has to fight his/her struggles and deal with the challenges on their own; that family/friends are not going to be able to help, even if they want to.

What I realized recently is that for most part that is true. However, even though you might have to fight your struggles alone, when you need to take a break, you can count on the family and the friends around you to help with that. You don’t need the help in fighting your fights, in facing the challenges, but you could sure use the help when refueling, when taking a breather.

So, the next time someone tells you, ‘let me know how I can help’, make sure you realize that the offer is most valuable even though you think there is no way he/she can help you directly, but because you know that you can take them up on the offer when you need a respite.