I decided a couple of days ago that I am going to give this a shot. I am still not convinced that my thoughts deserve a blog, but its never a bad idea to document something and this is probably as good a platform as any.

The reason I try (present tense as opposed to past as I still actively scribble there) to write about investing at my investing “blog” rather than what is more popularly the traditional form of blogging is because I never felt I have worthwhile thoughts at a fairly reasonable regular rate. But that seems to have changed over the last few months.

So to start things off, lets talk about what got me thinking today. I listen to talk radio whenever I get a chance, which is mostly only when driving. I switch between sports radio, news talk and right-wing talk stations (no particular reason except that a lot more radio presenters seem to be right-wring and more entertaining). Savage Nation’s Michael Savage (I won’t bother linking that, you can Google search it) is one of my favorite presenters not because I agree with his arguments/thoughts, but for simple entertainment reasons. Anyways, he mentioned something that got me thinking. When you are old (as in living off of your 401k kind) will you have even a single really good friend?

On the face of it, seems like most people might be able to answer in the affirmative, but I wouldn’t be sure. Lets simplify it and say it cannot be your spouse. It gets interesting because I believe until you get there, you cannot know and because friendship is a simple yet complicated relationship. I happen to have some really good friends and not one or two really close ones. I doubt that is going to change between now and March 2053 (I am not a big fan of that month and I just picked a year when I know I will be old and very close to calling it quits).

Now that I go back and read all that I just wrote, maybe I should stick to investment blogging.