April 2008

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 28 Apr 2008 07:18 pm

In the age of information sharing, somehow the most important skill in your non-professional personal life just might be the ability to be silent.

Quote from someone that I do not have enough information to give credit for….”What do you do when life surpasses all your expectations?…… Keep it to yourself!”

Is it ironic that the medium I am using to convey this thought is actually a blog?

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 25 Apr 2008 12:17 pm

Ever feel like you are constantly somewhere you should not have been….

I feel like a convenient person stuck in a very inconvenient place/moment/situation.

I feel like a simple person stuck in a very not-so-simple life.

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 24 Apr 2008 12:14 am

I appreciate simple words and messages conveyed with their use.

A while ago, I wrote about the word thrive. Along the same lines, a medicine vendor has a simple two word message ….”feel better”.

I want to say this a lot of times to various people. And not because they are sick. I want to be told this a lot of times too. Sometimes because I am sick, and most of the times, because I just want to hear it.

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 22 Apr 2008 11:30 pm

I don’t understand why I am not good at solving crosswords. I would think everyone should be good at it. Its not like you suck because you are out of practice for the necessary skills to be good at it….you do speak words, right?

This sounded funnier when I had said it rather than when written down…..

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 22 Apr 2008 11:21 pm

I realized something a while ago, but the knowledge of that realization, is just that….

Its about information and the manner in which you get the right information in life, in the world, in small matters, in big decisions. The key to it, is the questions you ask. You learn, you know and that is adequate, most of the times. But then adequate is never enough.

So, you need to ask questions, but thats where we fail. The key is in what are the questions that need to be asked. Never blame the lack of answers before you check if you asked the right questions. Never fault the lack of a source for your answers when you failed in asking.

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 08 Apr 2008 12:55 am

I am intrigued by those 15% or 20% off coupons that stores generally mail out because I cannot help but wonder how did they figure out that I always believed the stuff I am planning to buy is always priced about 15% or 20% too much.

Some people are as useful as tire valve stem caps.

Heard this on some TV show, after an accident….even though its bad, its good that the injuries are all just internal.

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 04 Apr 2008 12:26 am

There is this thought that has been troubling me all day (well, all day yesterday since its past midnight). If you think about the concept of forever, there is nothing really forever except what has already happened.

Its poetic to thing about something forever. It feels as if the energy from the anticipation and the unknown makes that feeling unique and special. But is anything really forever, except something, some event, some phase that has already passed? That event and that time/phase is now something that will have happened, forever. And in this sense, that concept of forever doesn’t feel poetic. There is no anticipation and unknown which would make this feeling special.

The other part of this is the nature of that event or time or phase. If it was something good, something favorable, it being forever is not a bad thing. You might even have pictures to cherish. But the bitch (language kiddo) of the fact is that an unfavorable, unfortunate time is now forever too. What are you going to do with the pictures then?

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 03 Apr 2008 12:41 pm

I am part of a band that plays a very certain kind of music (cover for popular Indian movie albums/musicians). This is a video promoting an upcoming show:

unorganized thoughtsadmin on 02 Apr 2008 12:53 am

Somebody famous once said (or was this a movie line), if you are going through hell, keep going….

The thing is, it sounds like a great line and inspirational, but when you are actually going through hell, its hard to keep going when all you see is this:


unorganized thoughtsadmin on 02 Apr 2008 12:45 am

Responsibility is your own choice. You choose to be responsible for you actions, most of the times you are aware of the results and the consequences. That somehow seems visible, noticeable as a quality in another person. It can be even conveyed through words.
But accountability for your actions seems to be transparent, invisible. The lack or presence of accountability doesn’t feel like something that is easily identifiable or expressible.

I want to think that the two are closely related.  The presence of responsibility should probably suggest the presence of accountability since it cannot be expressed or identified. But so often that isn’t true. The responsibility expressed is in just words and the accountability is lacking in totality. And that frustrates me.