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I was less worried when I did not understand this.

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Part II

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The next time you face a challenge you think is too tough or when life places you in a situation that you feel you cannot handle, think about it for a second. Maybe you can face it, you can handle it. Because, the chances are, that everything in life so far has prepared you for it.

Who you are, what you have learned, what experiences you have had and the people who are in your life have all given you the skills to be able to do this. In fact, I can guarantee that NOBODY else will be able to do it.

The thing is, you might be the only one who would be able to handle the cards you are dealt with. Think of it as “playing position” in poker. Leveraging where your position is in the hand, you can play a better hand than anybody else on that table, because you are in that unique position. Others could have been dealt better cards, but you can still win.

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I just recently got back from a vacation. It was not as much a vacation, as it was a short trip to visit family.

It was a trip that I had not taken in a long time, I had avoided because I was busy fighting my battles, on my own, alone. And even with their best intentions, nobody else could help with. The thing is, I strongly believe that every one of us has to fight his/her struggles and deal with the challenges on their own; that family/friends are not going to be able to help, even if they want to.

What I realized recently is that for most part that is true. However, even though you might have to fight your struggles alone, when you need to take a break, you can count on the family and the friends around you to help with that. You don’t need the help in fighting your fights, in facing the challenges, but you could sure use the help when refueling, when taking a breather.

So, the next time someone tells you, ‘let me know how I can help’, make sure you realize that the offer is most valuable even though you think there is no way he/she can help you directly, but because you know that you can take them up on the offer when you need a respite.

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One of the more substantial challenges of life: avoid breaking

Things can break around you, but you cannot. Situations , circumstances change, but you cannot.

The things can be fixed, the circumstances can be mended, but you cannot be. Or if you can be, you cannot do this yourself. So, just don’t break.

If I was given the task of marketing the human character and spirit, the quality that I would advertise most would be that “it can be strained, but not broken”.

Some motivational crap:
I like poker, so this one made some sense.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt with, just how we play the hand.

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I liked this part from Barak Obama’s inauguration speech today:

….Know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.

idealist v/s believe’ist

I am not color blind, I just see the world as black and white.

I was thinking about this today. More than a few times I have been told that I believe in people, I believe in things. I think that if something is supposed to be a certain way, it should be that way, there should be no reason(s) for it. In fact if it is not, then you need the reasons.

One of the things I believe in is the goodness of people. Unless there is a reason, a very strong reason, people are not inherently bad. If you think somebody wishes bad about you and does harm to you, he/she must have a damn good reason.

And that does _not_ make me an idealist. I think the better term is a “believe’ist” (not a believer).

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If you are a car-thief, you have to be really good at being a thief. You have to learn how to find unmarked cars on lonely streets in the middle of the night, disable the alarms if they are enabled and pick the locks. And I bet the competition is significant too from other car-thieves. You also have to keep updating your skills as the car manufacturers come up with new methods to deter you.

On the other hand, if you are an “airplane thief”, you are fairly sure where to find your ‘targets” and with the planes you don’t even need to pick the lock! Also, when was the last time you heard an airplane-thief getting arrested? That tells me there isn’t a lot of competition either.

And those are just some of the benefits of thinking big!

Convinced yet about the power of thinking big? If yes, then unless you are a car-thief, spend a few moments today from your work day to figure out how to _think_big_ in your own profession.

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There is something about trying very hard till you achieve something. Something small, something significant, whatever it is. They(who?) tell you to keep at it. Keep working on it till you get better, till you perfect the art. But contrary to what I was taught to believe in, it is very true that practice might not always make “perfect”, but you can gaurantee it makes “permanent”. If you are bad at something and keep doing it, very soon you will get damn good at being really bad.

Let’s hope that we first get good at the art of practicing before we try to get good at something else.

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- Life is not like Vegas. What happens, doesn’t just stay in Vegas. What happens in Life and what you do, always comes back to you.

- I think I heard this in some lyrics,

“….so lonely that even my emotions have an echo.”

- Definition of “mixed feelings” - Watching your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your brand new Mercedes.

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It never ceases to amaze me that no matter where, what and how life is, there is something unique about the spirit of the holidays, about Christmas, about Diwali, about Eid, or about which ever special day you choose to celebrate, whether you are religious or not. Everyone of us needs that time once, twice or maybe an entire month a year.

In the spirit (of giving), I decided to gift myself a domain name and implement an idea I have been floating around for a while. The idea is, to provide a platform for people with ideas to solve the most challenging problem, which is to fix the world.

Check it out, and if you care, Let’s Fix The World.

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I often look at new IT companies who have a complicated idea to address a simple and necessary need.

Their challenge often, when marketing their product, is being able to effectively communicate  information that is highly technical to an audience whose only concern is if the bottom line ($$$) is addressed and their problem(s) solved.

There are a few common characteristics of all highly technical information:

1. Its highly comprehensive, and hence the quantity is large.

2. It has data that does not make the best “slides”, but better in a white board presentation.

3. Its is new and conceptual that would take a highly technical audience to completely understand.

Coming up with presentation material from any information with all those characteristics is a challenge that IT startups might be better off avoiding.

The solution is to take a page out of some other masters of presentation. Put a short four minute video on your website that combines a white board presentation with actual slides of technical data. It gets the overview of the idea across, grabs the audience who now armed with the conceptual idea would be in a better state to understand a fact sheet or a white paper.

This is a damn good example…

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