Earlier this year, I held an exhibition together with my fellow colleague, Lyndsey Hatchwell. Lyndsey and I met at The Sydney Gallery School in 2012 and, when we discovered our shared  penchant for pithy political satirical works, the inevitable result  was


Not your average exhibition

This is a politically correct free zone!

Created by Rona Sissons and Lyndsey Hatchwell!


which was held at the Watch House, Balmain from April 11th to April 13th 2014.


The works in the exhibition, represent our response to the contemporary art world which, we feel, takes itself altogether too seriously. We feel art should be fun and free  to poke fun at people in public places, especially politicians. From "Breeding Like Abbotts" to “Gina Minehard”, we tried to include something to amuse everyone.  We also included sculptures of rabbits in the mix....as they, like politicians, are assuming plague proportions....well trained and handled they can be wonderful additions to society, on the other hand, allowed to run riot, they can have a devastating and long term effect on the environment:)


In the following photos, the paintings and wire rabbits are by Lyndsey while the ceramic, plaster and latex caricatures and rabbits are mine.