I have recently started painting again. In September 2008, I resurrected my old oil paints, extremely well travelled if not exactly well used, to attend a two day portraiture workshop with Sue Cesarini at the Royal Art Society.  Again, after so many years, it is amazing how it all comes back to you.

Since then I have painted a number of portraits both from the live model (which I prefer!) but also from photos due to the reluctance of the most available 'model' to pose for longer than a photo :)

I have started using acrylic paints, initially when painting from a live model in one sitting. Since I prefer to work mainly wet on dry when painting in any medium, I find the fast drying qualities of acrylics is ideal. I am also amazed at how modern acrylic paints and mediums have improved since my art school days!

I am also experimenting with the new 'Alkyd' fast drying oil colours however I find 'fast drying' in relation to oil paints is still a relative term:)