tim stevenson recent reading list

tim stevenson annoyances list

Cr@p that annoys me no end.

  • MORONS who reply all and start stupid email storms.
  • people who don't wash their hands after using the toilet.
  • people who cut their peanut butter or jelly covered bagel/toast in the cafeteria and then don't clean the *#$%@ knife off.
  • people who don't close the *#$%@ refrigerator/cooler doors in the breakroom.
  • people who don't MUTE their freakin IM noises.
  • people who leave their uncharged cell laying around all day allowing it to blurt a low-power beep every 5m.
  • bean counters.
  • people who blow their nose and spit like 100 times into the bathroom sink at work. yuk.
  • bluetools
  • glasstools (same as a bluetool, but with google glasses)
  • the ubiquitous, self-infatuated bmw driver
  • Idiots who send 15MB attachments to mailing lists with 100s (or 1000s!) of users
  • people who claim to speak english - example
  • hollowed-out companies
  • baseball
  • "security supervisors"
  • "fanboys"
  • lack of "big sticks"
  • "mavericks"
  • people who, apparently, have never heard of "speed stick" (under a freeway overpass? ok. But at WORK??? for $*@# sake!!)
  • Frackin' Mac users who trade slavish adherence to form over function for sociopathic incapability to properly check free/busy information and schedule accordingly
  • squishy handshakers
  • "social media"
  • echo chambers
  • Again with the Mac users, who never fail to forget to carry their damn dongle around and can't plug into a projector. Tape the damn dongle to your forehead or have your mother pin it to your shirt.
  • constant complainers!
  • hypocrites!