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employees.org Account Creation Form

Use this form to request an account on the employees.org system. This requires that you already have an existing account at employees.org, or be an employee of a covered company (right now, only Cisco Systems is covered). Please be careful to read all instructions, and make sure you understand what you're agreeing to. You must read the employees.org Operating Policies before applying for an account.

Overview of terms of service

  1. employees.org is a volunteer-supported resource. We have no service level agreement with the users. The machine may become unavailable at any time for any length of time. Requests for assistance will be addressed when possible given the admins' workloads.
  2. You are generally expected to take care of yourself. There is a help alias ( help@employees.org ), but it is staffed by volunteers with varying available free time. Before contacting the help list, it is expected that you have already consulted the employees.org FAQ, online documentation, man pages, and other readily available sources of information.
  3. If you need a higher level of support, you should seriously consider other providers. There are a large number of groups on the internet who will provide free email and web space and who provide a higher level of support. Most of the advantages of employees.org are only useful to advanced users who are familiar with Unix systems.
  4. You are expected to read the email sent to all of your accounts, particularly email that copies admin@employees.org. If you do not read emails from the admins, we will lock your account and see if you respond. If you still do not respond, we will determine that the account is inactive and delete it.
  5. There is no backup of data on employees.org. You are responsible for backing up your own data.
  6. User space is restricted to 250M per sponsor (not per account). Remember this when sponsoring new accounts.
  7. You may create accounts for family members, and you may have multiple accounts for yourself. Sponsorship groups "sink or swim" together. If one account in a sponsorship group abuses the system, the entire group may be deleted. Remember this when sponsoring new accounts.
  8. If you forget your password, you will need to use the resetpw facility found at https://www.employees.org/~admin/resetpw.cgi In order to have your account deleted, mail nukeme@employees.org.
  9. No work-related information belongs on employees.org. Placing confidential information regarding your employeer on employees.org may lead to your employeer terminating you. Lest there be any confusion about this: Do not put Cisco-related information on this machine. We will report you to corporate security. This machine is not part of Cisco. This policy includes links to internal web pages, as they will generally get indexed by web search engines.
  10. Commerical content is forbidden. This includes any financial transactions, including not-for-profit donations.
This is not the entire Terms of Service. Please go read the entire Operating Policies now.
Have you read the Operating Policies and agreed to them?

In order to receive an employees.org account, you need either an existing account at employees.org or at one of our sponsored companies (currently Cisco Systems). This is where the validation mail including further instructions will be sent.

Sponsoring account (not the account you're requesting!):@

Choose an employees.org account name. It must be sixteen characters or fewer and contain only lowercase letters, numbers and underscores (no spaces).

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