BioResource Inflamyar Ointment by Pekana

Inflammation & Pain Relief Ointment  3.5oz / 100 g

Inflamyar Ointment is a homeopathic-spagyric ointment to help treat pain and inflammation from soft tissue injuries.

Eight herbal ingredients provide powerful healing of traumatic injuries ranging from sports injuries to minor bumps and bruises,

all without the side effects of chemical drugs.  Routine use of Inflamyar Ointment restores flexibility and elasticity to muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Inflamyar Ointment was created for the treatment of

Inflamyar Ointment:

The herbs used in Inflamyar were selected for their proven healing qualities: 

Arnica montana - helps relieve hematoma, rheumatism of the muscles and joints, and bursitis.

This substance is also indicated in cases where the skin or joints are extremely sensitive to the touch, and when the veins in the hands are expanded. It reduces inflammation and improves circulation.

Bellis perennis - stimulates circulation in the capillaries to help improve myalgia-arthritis conditions with accompanying pain. In addition, this substance also helps heal sprains, contusions and hematoma resulting from injuries.

Bryonia cretica -provides pain relief and promotes healing activity in the muscles, connective tissues, tendons and joints. It is indicated for joint and muscle rheumatism, and also helps relieve gout and swelling conditions with redness.

Guajacum -helps treat shortened tendons, neuralgia, neuritis, tendonitis, gout and rheumatic pains in the joints. It is also an excellent therapeutic substance for relieving Polyarthritis rheumatica with stabbing pains.

Ledum palustre -combats rheumatic pain, stiffness when exposed to cold, numbness when at rest, and gout symptoms such as swollen, inflamed balls of the toes.

Toxidendron quercifolium (Rhus toxicodendron) - is indicated for treatment joint and muscle pain, as well as lumbago and sciatica.

It also helps relieve stiffness in the joints and ligaments that occurs following long periods of rest or inactivity which improves only after painful movement or warmth has been administered.

Ruta graveolens - provides a similar effectiveness profile to Arnica. It is specifically indicated for treatment of hematoma, contusions, and numbness of the knee and legs.

It improves circulation in the afflicted areas and eliminates venous blockage.

Viscum album - is indicated for treatment of rheumatic spasms. This substance treats vessels and congestive developments throughout the entire body.

It also is indicated for treatment of acute and chronic conditions that involve tearing, pulling pain, inflammation and irritation of the nerves.


BioResource CEO and author Michael Sheehan says "I use the ointment quite often treating for sports related bumps, bruises and muscle does not simply reduce pain,

but helps heal the injured tissue and reduces inflammation with it's combination of 8 ingredients."  Inflamyar is an effective treatment for world class athletes and families alike. 

Inflamyar is produced by Pekana and distributed in the U.S.A by BioResource Inc.