Indigo2 (tm) Product Guide

Indigo2 supports the widest range of 3D graphics to suit your needs. And thanks to multiple configurations and growth paths, your investment is protected. Of course, all of the stunning digital media capabilities that have made the Indigo family so successful are standard. Indeed, Indigo2 is the system of choice for power hungry problems and creative challenges.

Indigo2 delivers the fastest system throughput combining leading CPU and graphics architecture, for your intensive computing needs. You can choose from three types of graphics to suit your tasks with Indigo2 XL, Indigo2 XZ and Indigo2 Extreme(tm). And of course unprecedented digital media tools are integrated to give you the most natural ways to communicate your work. Quite simply, the Indigo2 is the world's fastest, most feature-rich graphics workstation on the desktop.

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