Dan Rich - San Jose
Image courtesy of the San Jose State University Department of Meteorology

At Cisco I supported the corporate internet server, at its peak handling over $1 milliion an hour in sales. As the Technical Lead for the Web Infrastucture team, I was responsible for heading the team that designed, built, and supported the entire web infrastructure. While this team did not directly develop content for the web site, we did develop applications to support and manage the site as well as provide on-call support for the production applications.

One of my final projects was to design and deploy the new development infrastructure for CCO, Cisco's premier sales and support web server. Heading a team of sysadmins and webmasters, we designed a development, staging, and production environment that would provide a controlled method for testing and deploying content and web applications. This system was capable of interfacing to a separate content management system while tracking the metadata and revision controlling the content.

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