Dan Rich - San Jose
Image courtesy of the San Jose State University Department of Meteorology

Before PDI/Dreamworks, I spent 4 1/2 years working for NUASIS, a small startup company attempting to build the next generation contact center unifying web colaboration, voice-over-IP, and e-mail management into a single system.

As employee number 20, I was initially most of the IT and systems engineering team. The NUASIS service was initially going to be provided as a service, and I was the primary sysadmin designing and building both the internal data center as well as the production network and servers. This included building a configuration management system, designing and deploying the jumpstart system, configuring and installing the network, and managing and monitoring all of teh above.

Once the decision was made to move away from the service model, I became involved in building out development and production environments, as well as continuing to support the internal servers, network, and desktop systems. As the product evolved I designed and developed the initial configuration and installation tools and was still working on this task when I left the company.

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