Dan Rich - San Jose
Image courtesy of the San Jose State University Department of Meteorology

My journey with SGI began on-site at NASA Lewis Research Center, now known as the Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field. I was the on-site system support engineer, supporting over 350 Silicon Graphics workstations and servers. This included user support, hardware support, and working closely with the desktop computing team to maintain the installation and maintainance documentation and procedures.

During my time at NASA, I supported the NASA gopher and web servers, and became involved with several individuals in SGI's customer service division who were starting to talk about a corporate web site for the company. Working with them I helped to build and design the initial Silicon Surf, SGI's first internet web server. As this project continued I relocated to the west coast and became SGI's first webmaster. Over the next 18 months I developed many of the applications that ran on Silicon surf, including SurfZone, the first user registration and authentication system for the SGI site, and the first electronic store with basic multi-lingual support. I also managed the day-to-day operations of the server and developed most of the management tools.

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