The Road

The folks that make it possible


Individual Supporters  

First off is my wife Patty. Without her support of my insane hobby it wouldn't be possible.
Reed Streifthau, a good friend, coworker, and master machinest who has contributed his time and expertise to helping me with manufacturing many of my accessories.

Commerial Supporters

My first and longest sponsor. Thanks to their continuous support on seating solutions my butt hasn't had to be nearly as "iron". I have enjoyed many opportunities to evaluate and make recommendations to their product development and can definitely recommend their products.  

Capitol BMW

Jon Ross is a great service manager. They do a great service job and don't complain too much about all my customization.


Chris Sakala, another IBR rider has a great product. Try it you won't go wrong.

Olympia Riding Gear

Jim G. the regional manager gave me a good discount to ride their gear in the 2009 IBR. Check out my blog for ride reports on this gear.



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