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Endurance Rallies:
Iron Butt Rally August 2009
Not Superman Rally July 2009
Cape Fear 1000 March 2009
Rally The Void October 2008
Not Superman Rally July 2008
Cape Fear 1000 March 2008
Rally The Void October 2007
Iron Butt Rally August 2007
Mason Dixon 2020
"Quarter for your thoughts"
May 2007
Cape Fear 1000 March 2007
Rally The Void 2006 October 2006
ButtLiteIV August 2006
Mason Dixon 2020
"Questionable Interpretations"

May 2006
Rally The Void 2005 October 2005
Mason Dixon 2020
"Hole Dam Rally"
May 2005
Palmetto Ramble 2005 March 2005
Mini-Mason October 2004
Palmetto Ramble 2004 March 2004
Feast in the East IX October 2003
Iron Butt Achievements:
Saddlesore 2000 October 2005
Master Traveler May 2003 - April 2004
50CC Quest May 2003
Bun Burner Gold Info May 2003
Saddlesore 1000 #2 April 2002
Saddlesore 1000 #1 2001
Other Long Distance Rides:
Stagecoach XIII December 2004
Daytona Bike Week March 2001
Branson, Mo 1996
Trike to University of Florida 1991
San Diego, CA to Dallas, TX 1980
California 1000 1978
50 Years of motorcycle experiences
My past stable of bikes
Moving Kids and Bikes Cross-Country May 1977

I needed a route home from San Diego. What better way to see the sights I wanted to see and of course get some Ironbutt Association points than to tackle visiting at least 50 National Parks in 25 or more states. My 4000+ mile home got me halfway and subsequent forays into Florida, Massachusetts, and some Rallies took me to a total of 27 states and 76 national parks.

After the 1000 mile trips a truly long ride niggled at my brain. San Diego has two of my children and the grand kids. Cross country in 50 hours sounded like a plan to me.

Riding cross country wasn't enough. I really wanted to see if I could ride 24 hours straight so the 1st half of the 50CC Quest was a 1567 mile 23 1/2 hour endurance run. After doing this I ran across an important quote; "It doesn't take a lot of courage to keep going. It takes a lot of courage to quit."

No big deal here just got the paperwork for the second half of the 50CC. Could have earned a Saddlesore 2000 but didn't want too much overlap.

My second Saddlesore 1000, what I call the 5 State Springtime I-Mountain Tour. Eric Justason (a coworker) emailed and asked if I wanted to join him for a qualifying run. It was short notice but I figured that was what makes a long distance rider - good sense overriding good judgment :-)

My initial Ironbutt Association qualification. Raleigh to Kansas City 1060 miles in 17.5 hours.

The 4th mini-rally. Getting better with practice and learning the tricks. Came in 10th in a field of 41.

This was an even shorter mini-rally, only 10 hours. Doesn't give you much time to make up for drastic mistakes like mine. Placed 28th in a field of 37.

The snowstorm 2 days before the start of the rally just about squelched it but after an icey cold ride to Columbia on Friday and a frigid start early Saturday the weather turned nice. Didn't perform too well but the trip to Sheldon Church made it all worthwhile.

I thought my route planning and riding skills would yield a good score. Little did I know how much I had to learn, 37th of 47.

Rode to my daughters house in Pensacola, Fl for the family Christmas get together. Naturally I had to truck over to visit with my fellow LD riders.

I had a new motorcycle and an itch for some traveling. Jacob was in Orlando for business during Bike Week and I figured it was high time to see what it was all about. If you haven't been I can't explain. Just check out the pix.

I hadn't been on a long ride for years. Jacob was at UIUC and riding a bike, so we teamed up in Kansas City and spent a week visiting relatives and touring Missouri.

Jacob had finished up the trike and wanted it for transportation at UF Gainesville. Unsure of this bike's long distance roadworthiness, to appease Mom, and to log some miles I accompanied him on the trip down. It was a good thing, check out the story.

The first plan for touring the southwest and western United States abruptly aborted due to a crash--Not the long ride just the enjoyment. Check the story.

I understand this was one of the early long distance events. It certainly was an experience. Glad I kept all the paperwork and pictures.

Had to test out the fuel cell and some other LD farkles in preparation for the upcoming rally. Decided to go to my Mom's house for dinner. I didn't actually get the pin but I rode the ride.

My first real rally. 48 hours and do all your planning on the clock. I did miserably but I learned something of my limits (more than I thought). Two thirds of the way in I was tired, cold, and wet. The way I felt this was my last rally. Naturally, less than 24 hours later I'm thinking it's Iron Butt Rally time.

I think this was the hardest and the best one day rally I've ever attended. Planned aggressively, rode hard, did pretty well for me. Experience counts.

These MD2020's sure are rough. I came home and told Patty that maybe I wasn't cut out for this multi-day rally business. But I was already signed up for the Buttlite IV.

My first long multi-day rally. Too bad I hurt myself and only got to play for 5 of the 7 days.

fill in

I did really well. I planned an agressive route, and executed the plan as well as I have ever done. No mistakes I could identify that would have improved my point standing. Too bad I moved from 17th to 63rd due to a dumb paper mistake that cost me a 50% penalty. Oh well, that's what makes it a game.

My second DNF. The infamous BMW final drive failure.

I swore I would never do it but...

No sooner to I recover from the IBR until I have signed up for the next rally.
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